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Be Kind, you wont regret it!

Be kind.

My husband use to laugh at me daily because I always told him I never like to watch the news....
So you're probably wondering why start with that Beth? Well you see I wrote this post over a month ago now and I saved it because I just felt it was not the right time to share it.

So do you watch the news? I do not. well thats not true...I do but I hate it. The news today is not the new stations fault its ours and by ours I don't necessarily mean directly the people reading this but there are so many people responsible no one can even begin to point a finger...But thats my problem...STOP POINTING FINGERS aside from the thought that runs through my head that my great Aunt use to drill into me "Pointing is never polite." I constantly wonder what changed to make our world so sad? what changed that makes me scared to send my kids to school some day? why are people so full of anger and sadness that they feel they need to take it out on you or our children or me? I r…
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Salt Lake City, Utah and Denver, Colorado!

Salt lake City, Utah and Denver, Colorado!

We saw so much in such a short week I cannot even begin to process it all and we have been home almost a week now!

We started our week flying to Salt lake city to see my best friend Lisa, We were so excited! My goal was to see more, do more and experience new things I hadn't read about or seen on blogs and pinterest. I wanted to venture and find new things and WE DID!

Our first day we drove to this small place tucked in the mountains called Ruth's Diner, The food was a perfect start to our Utah adventures. We then Explored The University of Utah where Lisa works and Will loved every minute of it! that afternoon we headed up to Park City where the winter olympics were once held. the location was full of history and culture that blew your mind. We could not believe the views alone were breathtaking. We finished off our first day enjoying some pizza pies with a dear friend of mine from High school, Blakelee! she brought her baby girls an…

Let's Taco About Tuesday

Taco Tuesday!!!

OK so I don't know about you guys but will and I LOVE taco Tuesday. It can be your traditional tacos or something a little different and lately I have been trying to branch out and try new things when it comes to cooking!

We have always loved eating whole healthy meals but don't get me wrong.....we love the unhealthy stuff too (WHO DOES'NT??). But just like everyone else we have been trying to start our new year off on a healthy note.

Taco Tuesday has always been my favorite, I'm not really sure why? maybe because when I became a wife a very short year ago my cooking skills haha but even before I got married I have always love love loved Mexican food or tacos. If you hear me turn down Mexican food I'm probably not feeling well like seriously guys. Anyway, Most of my New recipes actually come from Pinterest! I know crazy? some things I get from my mom (ok Alot haha) because she has always been a natural cook and I hope some…

The latest...Project 615!

Hey All,

So this past weekend I ventured to West Nashville a part I really have not explored yet to be honest but I was on a mission because Project 615 was having their blowout sale! Who doesn't love some some on sale T-shirts? So I got my sister in law to come with me and we headed out. I was not really thinking because I knew the Doors opened at noon so we got there at about eleven thirty....whoops the line was already halfway down the building, through the parking lot and up the street but I had drove across town so I was not backing out. I have wanted to get some of their shirts for many months now but when budgets are tight you don't let your self splurge on things over ten dollars much. but anyway we waited in the long but cheerful line where we were surrounded by other locals just as excited as I was. A couple behind us were chatty about heading the the predators game in a couple hours (Go Preds!) and they were hoping to find some sweet swag to sport to the game. anoth…


Hey all!

I am Beth West,
if you're reading this you probably already knew that but this is me.

I recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee with my amazing hubby Will. We have two adorable pups who are my world, Knox and Oakley #spoiled. I love being a dog mom and of course a wife this has all been so new to me but so so exciting.
Will and I don't do boring often- honestly I can only think of a few times in the time we've been together that I've been "Bored". we do fun and outgoing things or so we think haha. I am a firm believer in experiences and adventures because there is so much in this world and I want to see it all and experience everything I can. My soul thrives when I meet new people or try new things, it gives me joy and sincere happiness to have these new experiences or adventures which is why I have decided to start blogging some about these wonderful life happenings.

I am not a writer...I repeat...I AM NOT A WRITER. I am terrible at proper writing so…