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Be Kind, you wont regret it!

Be kind.

My husband use to laugh at me daily because I always told him I never like to watch the news....
So you're probably wondering why start with that Beth? Well you see I wrote this post over a month ago now and I saved it because I just felt it was not the right time to share it.

So do you watch the news? I do not. well thats not true...I do but I hate it. The news today is not the new stations fault its ours and by ours I don't necessarily mean directly the people reading this but there are so many people responsible no one can even begin to point a finger...But thats my problem...STOP POINTING FINGERS aside from the thought that runs through my head that my great Aunt use to drill into me "Pointing is never polite." I constantly wonder what changed to make our world so sad? what changed that makes me scared to send my kids to school some day? why are people so full of anger and sadness that they feel they need to take it out on you or our children or me? I r…

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